The first impression counts: Why good design makes promising startups even more successful

Posted by Marius Wolf on 5/14/18 5:00 PM
Marius Wolf

You’ll often find very simple insights behind a good idea. "Not every good startup founder is automatically a gifted designer,” is one of those. And when time’s running out and that crucial meeting with the investors gets closer, things start to get tight. Almost every startup entrepreneur recognizes the situation. They remember that queasy feeling in the pit of their stomach and the frenzied rush as the hours count down to a vital meeting.“There’s a gap in the market,” thought the guys from UnicornPitch when they launched their idea two years ago. And true enough, here’s a service that has impacted the startup world for the better for the last two years. UnicornPitch is a flexible, transparent, design-on-demand, service that supports startup entrepreneurs by creating and optimizing all of their crucial presentations and business documents. It could be, but doesn’t have to be, at the last minute. Right at the start, as the name suggests, was the pitch deck. But everything develops and UnicornPitch are no different. They’re expanding their product offering and will be aiming to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their company’s business development. As of May 2018, as well as pitch decks, UnicornPitch will offer an expanded portfolio that includes, Company & Sales Presentations, Masterslides, Infographics, Onepagers and Brochures. Naturally there’s also a tailor-made content service to compliment their design skills. And to make things even easier, the order process has been further developed and significantly simplified.


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Everything depends on content, structure and design

It may be a small service but it will have a big impact. Typically, an optimized slide at UnicornPitch costs a mere 29 Euros. Just a few days after commissioning UnicornPitch, and overnight in case of emergencies, the customer can have a perfectly designed Pitch Deck in their hands. UnicornPitch founders Robin Yoshida, Felix Haas and Dennis von Ferenczy, know from their own experience just how vital this small service component can be in the life of a startup. Particularly in the case of Haas and von Ferenczy. Both are experienced entrepreneurs themselves, with amiando and the fintech startup IDnow to their names. Although they’re probably better known as business angels within the startup world. It’s here where the story comes full circle. In previous lives, these guys were constantly dealing with presentations where the content, structure and design were simply inadequate for the task they were being asked to perform. And in doing so, they realized the medium is often just as important as the message. If badly presented, even the best startup idea is fighting an uphill battle. And unnecessarily so. In this business, first impressions really do count.


1,500 Pitch Decks in just two years

No wonder the UnicornPitch service has achieved such success in the startup scene. Since starting itself in 2016, they have already optimized more than 1,500 pitches for startups. The feedback so far has been so overwhelmingly positive it has clearly  proved the team’s business instincts right. More than that, it appears the customers needs went way beyond a first Pitch Deck. "How can we help startups to be more successful at every stage of their business development?" became the new question. The answer was obvious and became the inspiration for a wholesale revision of the company’s portfolio and a serious expansion of the product range.


The new homepage comes with plenty of goodies

So the 15th of May, 2018 has become the big deadline. UnicornPitch launches its new homepage on the net and supports startups during their entire business lifecycle. What can you look forward to? What can you expect? We can tell you right now, there are at least four very good reasons for stopping visiting the new UnicornPitch homepage:


1. An improved UX

The homepage user experience has been greatly improved. This is most obvious when customers come to the new, smarter, order form. Ordering from UnicornPitch has never been so easy or transparent.

4. Configurator

2. A range of new products

The portfolio has been expanded to include two logical and valuable new products for the relaunch. Now, Sales and Company presentations have been added to Pitch decks. And you can remain excited because other new services are due to be added, like content and infographics.



3. Launch discounts

Customers ordering from UnicornPitch during May 2018 can enter the code;  “UP-RELAUNCH-2018 ” at the checkout, and receive a 10% discount on their first order. The discount will be automatically deducted from the total.


4. A peek behind the scenes

For those with a curious nature, the UnicornPitch team presents both itself and its vision on a new team page.


5. More blogging on the UnicornBlog

This blog post is just the first in a whole string of blog articles in English. We plan a regular series of blogs which will offer readers useful tips and tricks for creating a successful startup. Naturally, the new blog series goes hand in hand with our new product launches.

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