UnicornPitch feiert den erfolgreichen Relaunch

Posted by Marius Wolf on 5/14/18 3:00 PM

UnicornPitch ist ein flexibler und transparenter Design-on-Demand-Service, der Startups bei der Erstellung und Optimierung essentieller Unterlagen unterstützt, um sie in allen Phasen ihrer Unternehmensentwicklung erfolgreicher zu machen. Dies umfasst aktuell den Design und Content Service für Pitch Decks, Company & Sales Präsentationen, Masterslides, Infografiken und Onepager/Broschüren.

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Der erste Eindruck zählt: Warum gutes Design vielversprechende Startups noch erfolgreicher macht

Posted by Marius Wolf on 5/14/18 1:00 PM

Oft stecken ganz simple Erkenntnisse hinter einer guten Idee: „Nicht jeder gute Startup-Gründer ist auch automatisch ein begnadeter Designer“, ist eine davon. Ist dann auch noch die Zeit knapp und der Finanzierungstermin rückt immer näher, wird es eng. Fast jeder Gründer war selbst schon in der Situation und kann sich die Hektik der letzten Stunden noch bildhaft vorstellen.

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How to pitch to business angels – 5 tips from Felix Haas, angel investor and Bits & Pretzels Chairman

Posted by Felix Haas on 4/13/18 8:26 PM

You’ve come up with an amazing idea. You’ve stacked up all your coding / photoshop skills and mocked an amazing prototype. Now it’s time to get things started with some seed money. The first destination for funding are the famous family, fools and friends. But as soon as you go beyond this initial pool of capital, you need to prepare a pitch for early stage business angels and early stage funds.

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5 things to consider when writing a pitch deck

Posted by Dennis von Ferenczy on 4/12/18 8:31 AM

From the outset of creating a pitch deck, both content and visuals are important. Therefore, the structure and design of the pitch deck play a major role in conveying this. Even though your pitch should not be more important than your product, it does mirror your expertise and professionalism as a founder and differentiates you from the competition. It is thus of utmost importance that you invest time and money in making sure that you portray the right image. A professionally designed pitch deck strengthens your message at the right time, yet it will never distract your audience from the message you are trying to convey.

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An interview with Kreditech Founder Sebastian Diemer

Posted by Dennis von Ferenczy on 4/5/18 9:43 AM

Sebastian Diemer is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kreditech. Kreditech is a digital bank which is the market leader in big data scoring and online lending. We had the privilege of interviewing Sebastian to find out his thoughts on pitching:

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Why does a startup need a pitch deck?

Posted by Felix Haas on 4/3/18 5:53 PM

The first steps for your startup are clear: You have an idea, you are founding your company, you are building your product and you need a pitch deck. Why? As long as you want to raise capital or convince business partners to work with you, a pitch deck is essential. It gives an investor insight into your business. So most startups are doing it the same way – even huge companies like Facebook or Google started with a pitch deck.

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