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Posted by UnicornPitch on 3/20/19 10:50 AM

You've probably wondered how big B2B players have been able to present themselves to their customers, investors or at internal meetings in a professional way for years?


The solution is actually quite simple!

How the big companies do it

Whether in the acquisition process, project updates or internal coordination, every company has different requirements for its internal and external image. But one thing is always the same: It must be absolutely professional at all times!

The challenges of a continuously clean and professional self-presentation are:

  • Different actualities of the documents (Which presentation is the right one?)
  • Decentralized and/or individual storage locations (Where is our master for customer group B?)
  • Lack of quality control due to tight schedules (Why did this come out in the old CI?) 

Companies like the Boston Consulting Group or Volkswagen master all these points with an internal service that is individually tailored to their needs: quality, timeliness, delivery time and reporting.


The advantage: Instead of visually finalising the presentation until late into the night, this draft can be uploaded via a portal, supplemented with instructions and sent directly to an available designer. A presentation that is 100% in line with the current corporate design or, if required, individually designed, in the right format and at the right time, comes back.


The Problem: Many companies can not use this competitive advantage because no internal resources are available or the search for qualified designers has no priority. With the proverbial result that too many cooks spoil the broth and that doesn't go down well with customers...


The solution:


UnicornPitch has been offering its customers such a platform for all forms of presentation since this year. The underlying value packages are tailored to the respective requirements and budgets of your company and can be easily accessed at any time via a password-protected portal. Thus a fast project completion at the desired delivery time and in the desired design is always guaranteed.

From now on, have your presentations, pitch decks and documents created by an outsourced team of experienced designers and inspire your clients and investors with an always perfect presentation.


Let us consult you now under the +49 89 4141 75 888!

We are looking forward to your call. 

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