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The preparation of presentations for meetings, specialist lectures etc. is time-consuming and is one of the unpleasant tasks in everyday office life. UnicornPitch provides startups and companies from all industries with the ideal alternative for creating professionally designed presentations and pitch decks in the shortest possible time. In the following we will show you how the online service works and what the big advantages are compared to a freelancer, an agency or in-house creation.

The service of UnicornPitch 

UnicornPitch offers customers from all industries various presentation packages, which differ in the scope of services. After selecting a product package, the creation process is the same for all variants.

In the first step, you submit your own presentation design, whereby all data will be treated 100% confidential. The UnicornPitch team checks the data and performs the required formatting as well as the optional adaptation of the content. The first design and content draft will be made available to you as a customer, so that you can give your feedback for possible improvements.

After the adjustments have been made, you will receive the complete and finished deck. This gives you the second opportunity for feedback and final changes. Then download the finished product as an open file, which you can use in the future for various events and customize according to your preferences.
These are the advantages of UnicornPitch compared to typical alternatives
These procedures are familiar to your sales or marketing department. How usefull the use of UnicornPitch is can be seen in the comparison to common alternatives that you currently rely on in your everyday office life. In the following we will show you the most important advantages of UnicornPitch compared to the three most common alternatives for creating presentations.
Presentation creation by a freelance
To hand over the preparation of the presentation to a freelancer is preferred mainly for cost reasons. The freelancer is not an employee of your own company and is not associated with permanent wage costs. Instead, he or she can be employed on a project-by-project basis if necessary.

Experience shows that the cooperation with a freelancer brings with it some hurdles, for example:
  • regular fee negotiations, often for each project anew
  • not necessarily high quality implementation, e.g. lack of responsiveness
  • complex search for a really good designer as a freelancer
  • possible bottlenecks in the capacities of the freelancer depending on the order situation
As much as the assignment is appealing for cost reasons, the performance aspect and the safety for fast and faultless work often fall by the wayside. This looks different with UnicornPitch. Here you receive a professional all-in-one service as well as fixed and transparent prices that are absolutely in relation to the services offered.
Preparation of the presentation by an agency
If you don't want to compromise on quality, an experienced agency is the traditional point of contact. Here you will find experts, some of whom have many years of experience, who will compile your presentations conscientiously and according to your wishes. This variant also has its disadvantages, for example:
  • comparatively high costs (e.g. due to the agency's ancillary costs)
  • little or no possibility of carrying out smaller projects through the Agency
  • lack of flexibility for fast projects (e.g. no 24-hour service)
In comparison, UnicornPitch assures you of the desired professionalism in the results, but with greater flexibility and speed. The online service makes even small presentations effortless and cost-conscious, even with processing within 24 hours, depending on the assignment. A tailor-made customer service that a classic web or media agency cannot offer.
Collaboration with an in-house designer
Freelancers or agencies are external partners for the creation of your presentations and therefore more difficult to reach than your in-house staff. Especially medium-sized and large companies prefer the in-house designer in order to have a specialist on site for the exact implementation of the desired presentations. This model also has some disadvantages:
  • permanent wage payments for a worker regardless of the order situation
  • frequent overload due to the creation of presentations for many departments
  • many accompanying design works, therefore presentations do not always have priority
Thanks to transparent and comparatively low prices, UnicornPitch also proves to be a sensible alternative that is easy on your budget. Thanks to a flexible team, clients can be sure that the process will be as fast as with an in-house designer. Communication for the assignment or final adjustments and improvements is also uncomplicated and gives you the feeling of working almost like an in-house designer.

UnicornPitch as solution 
The classic ways of having a presentation created by a professional designer all have unwanted disadvantages. Finding good and inexpensive freelancers is difficult, an agency often inflexible and not suitable for small projects, the in-house designer often overloaded.

With UnicornPitch as a modern service for the creation of presentations, these disadvantages can be compensated for in order to create high-quality presentations in the style of your corporate design at transparent prices and in the shortest possible time. Benefit from these advantages as well and switch the creation of presentations of all kinds to this flexible and reliable service!
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